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  • From FINLAND to EU countries
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Emerald - Non-Hotfix Rhinestones

Product no.: ED131NH

from 2.00 €

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High-quality silver-plated rhinestones that have more diamond-cut surface. It is much shinier than the non-hotfix rhinestones.

These rhinestones are great for adding sparkle to your gymnastic costume, shoes, purses, outfits, and more.

Note: The colour is slightly lighter when the size is larger. This is not a flaw, but the colour density expands as the size increases.

Possible defectives and variations

Amount per pack

We pack rhinestones with scale measurements; therefore, the amount will be +/- per pack.


These glass rhinestones have a defective rate of 1-3% during the manufacturing and packing processes. Please consider this when purchasing with exact quantities.

Slight colour changes

The Glass reflects different colours from different angles when taking pictures.

Slight changes from the different production batches are unavoidable.


The provided size is approximate; however, it shouldn't show the differences with the bear eyes.

Delivery fee

Based on the parcel's weight. Calculated upon checkout.