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Leaf, Fuchsia - Resin, Sew on Rhinestones

Product no.: L195FA

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Fuchsia rhinestones are bold and attention-grabbing.

Material and features


Lightweight, shiny and suitable for small budgets. The resin-made rhinestone is slightly yellow compared to the glass-made rhinestones when the primary colour is light. The yellow undertone does not affect the dark colour of the rhinestones.


Solid, premium price, premium shine.

Possible defectives and variations


Scratches on the surface and imperfect edges are inevitable during manufacturing, packing, stacking and delivering.


The sew-on rhinestones reflect different colours from different angles when taking pictures. We cannot guarantee the colour presented on different monitor screen resolutions and the colour of the actual rhinestones.

Slight changes from the different production batches are unavoidable. It is very likely that after a long time of exposure to temperature changes and moisture, the discolouration of the rhinestones will occur.


The provided size could have slight differences during the manufacturing

cutting process, and the difference shouldn't be visible when measuring with bear eyes.

Delivery fee

Based on the parcel's weight. Calculated upon checkout.