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  • Vaihda kieli sivun alalaidasta
  • From FINLAND to EU countries
  • Vaihda kieli sivun alalaidasta

Why Laviss?

I have been volunteering in sourcing the rhinestones for my daughter's team for many years.

I love rhinestones, they are beautiful. I especially enjoyed gluing them to my daughter's gymnastic leotard.

However, the buying process has been painful for me as a working mum when trying to get the correct rhinestones from different places.

  • A lot of works - The workload was added when I can't find rhinestones anywhere but outside of Europe
  • High delivery cost - To get in on time before the competition, I often had to pay a high price in the delivery fee
  • Long delivery time - The waiting time can be very anxious especially since the customs clearance process prolongs the arrival time.

''Sometimes I just wish that there is a local store with a simple buying process, especially when I am just missing a few rhinestones and needed it urgently''

Managing the free-time chore should be an easy task

I don't want the other buyers to go through the same pain as I did, and therefore I set up this website to make the buying process simpler.

I hope you found the rhinestones that you need from our shop. If not, please contact us and we will try our best to help you.

Sincerely yours,

Chin Shing Lim-Virtanen, owner

Our aim

Our aim is make buying of rhinestones easy for the people in Finland and in Europe. We hope that our wide selections of the rhinestones will fulfil your need.

Our value - Keep it simple

A one-stop site for rhinestones

Direct from Finland & EU - No more extra costs & efforts on the custom clearance

Fast fulfilling time compared to buying from outside of the EU

Local pick-up possibility for the urgent needs (from our head office in Espoo, Finland)

Your return policy is protected