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  • From FINLAND to EU countries
  • Vaihda kieli sivun alalaidasta

Invoicing service for the clubs in Finland


We understand that paying by invoice is an easier option for clubs and we are offering the following two invoicing methods for you.

Option 1

You can select Klarna invoice as the option when checking out using Klarna. This requires ID authentication.

Option 2

1. Register as a customer.

2. Write your club's name on the company field.

3. Start selecting your desired rhinestones and add them to the basket.

4. When Checkout, choose Invoice on the ''Payment'' page

5. Mention on the ''Check & order'' page, that the invoice payee is your club and the club's invoicing email address on the first time. You can also mention the representatives that can place an order in the future. The representatives can register their own account on our website so that no sharing of account is needed.

6. We will send the invoice via email.

We will check the information from the club's webpage. We reserve the right to reject the invoice as the payment method. The invoicing method is handled separately from our Klarna checkout service and it is an extra cost for us, however; we are not charging the expenses to the clubs.