• From FINLAND to EU countries
  • Vaihda kieli sivun alalaidasta
  • From FINLAND to EU countries
  • Vaihda kieli sivun alalaidasta

A wide selection of colours

Delivered within a few days from Finland


Hotfix Rhinestones

Our best-selling DMC glass crystals. Many use it for leotard and outfit decorations. It is excellent for its modest price without compromising the brilliant shine effects.

Non-hotfix Rhinestones

Made with premium quality glass. Thanks to the extra cuts on the surface, these crystals will catch the attention with their extra-shine effects. The silver-platted base gives a luxurious feel to the entire crystal.

Accentuate with the Sew-on

Resin sew-on

Resin sew-on rhinestones are versatile decorative elements used in fashion and crafting. They offer a good balance between cost-effectiveness Their affordability, durability, a decent level of sparkle, and lightweight nature make resin sew-on rhinestones an excellent choice for projects where value and ease of use are essential.

Glass sew-on

Shine bright like a diamond, and feel like the diamond. The glass rhinestones gives a high level of clarity, brilliance, and shine. They are usually faceted to reflect light beautifully, adding sparkle and glamour to clothing, accessories, costumes, and various DIY projects.

Acrylic sew-on

Acrylic sew-on rhinestones are faceted, and made from acrylic material, mimicking the appearance of traditional glass rhinestones. Acrylic sew-on rhinestones are popular due to their affordability, lightweight nature, and versatility in enhancing the visual appeal of different items.

Accelerate with the right Tools

Having good tools is having the work half done