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Rhinestones Picker

Product no.: RPK078

9.00 €
incl. VAT, plus delivery


White tip material

Colourless bee wax

Glue your rhinestones without risking burning your finger with the hotfix gun and with style!

The rhinestone picker's tip is waxed and quickly picks up any rhinestone size. The other end is made for adjusting the rhinestones to a precise location. With the picker, you will execute your glueing project faster!

Available in black, blue, green, pink, orange and white.

The size is about 14cm long.

Steps to glue the rhinestones

  1. Put a layer of baking paper inside the leotard so the glue won't glue to the other side.
  2. Squeeze a small amount of glue onto the leotard's surface.
  3. Use a small paintbrush to remove the excess glue
  4. Use the picker to pick up the stone
  5. Leave the leotard on a flat surface and let the glue dry according to the glue's instructions. Usually overnight.
  6. Continue to glue the rhinestones on to the other side of the leotard.

Picker Tip Maintenance

The wax tips get covered by glue easily. Make sure to clean any glue residue before picking rhinestones.

Wear and tear

The wax tip wears out in time. It may also break with shocks, such as falling to the ground.